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Josh and Franny met when attending college at Lordesburg Academy of Civil Engineering, where Josh and Franny obtained their degrees. Two years later they would exchange their wedding vows and start a family. They continued on with their careers beginning each work day with a specialized coffee drink in hand. In 2009, they both gave up their engineering careers to open their own coffee shop, Grind -N- Rise.


Granola with goat cheese and blueberries. Wash it down with a cup of our organic certified Peruvian dark roast, with hints of dried plum and cedar.

September 25th, 2021


How do you source your coffee?

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  • A Perfect Pairing

    Next time you are in try one of our delicious muffins. We have muffins in blueberry, cranberry, bran and chocolate. These muffins are normally $3.50 but for a limited time you can get them half price with every large coffee order. So for $1.75 you can enjoy a muffin with your large coffee. They make a great snack or a healthy meal on the go for the busy person.

    Offer is limited, hurry and grab one today.